A little update...

Things have been super busy over here so I thought it was time for a little update. We just spent half term week in France, which was lovely - there is NO wifi (some of you may have heard me bitching about it already - whoops) so that meant that the kids had no option but to hang out with Mum and Dad for the entire week. 


It wasn't all bad, as you can see. They even helped to clear the brambles that were swamping the lake, and discovered that actually, outside is not as bad as they first thought! Even Peg came on a little French adventure, although most of her time was spent eating stuff, dictating who was allowed to sit on the couch and sneaking into her mama's bed.


But the real update relates to books of course! As well as reading TONS (reviews to come!) I managed to knock out 10,000 words of book two, which was a huge relief, as my deadline is not so far away and I am still bashing out a first draft. Mr H finding a jewel of a desk to put in the bedroom also helped to contribute towards the word count :) 


Highlight of the week though, has to be Between You and Me hitting the top 100 on the paid Kindle Chart - this was definitely cause for celebration, and being in France, it would have been rude not to swig down some wine to celebrate! In addition to this, I also got the thumbs up from my editor for book two (slight relief now that I'm 50,000 words in) so it was a perfect end to a perfect week. 


Hope you all have a marvellous week, and remember if you haven't already, Between You and Me is still available to preorder for only 99p! Pre order here: http://www.amazon.co.uk

L xxx